A gift from the ocean

Art of Japan AKOYA pearls and AKA coral

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Grace from the ocean, Elegance of Japan

MOURI deliver you genuine AKOYA pearls and AKA corals directly from Japan.

See how MOURI jewelry brightens your life. 

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MOURI AKOYA Pearl from Japan

We provide rare and precious Japanese AKOYA pearl. We directrly import from our head quater in Japan and reduce cost for advertisement so that we offer genue and high quality AKOYA pearl with reasonable price.

MOURI Japan AKA Coral

MOURI deliver your precious jewelry from ocean to you.

The categories include Japanese AKOYA pearls from Japanese brands MOURI, AKA Red Coral and Swarovski crystals from Fuji's natural diamonds and gemstones and the French brand Paris Bijoux. MOURI will continue to shoulder the role of the insider of Toyo and Western America and will strive to develop and evolve for you.

MOURI Fine Jewelry from Japan

Every piece of Jewelry adornment is unique and special. It represents the everlasting ultimate though of the giver. It’s thought and brightness are not lost even if time called dozens of years passed. World-class quality of Made in Japan" which does not do in detail is a standard of MOURI. It make it with the best technique affectionately.


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Introducing MOURI's Pearl and Coral Jewelry Please find your own product online MOURI has three stores in SOGO Causeway Bay, TST, Sheung Wan Wing On and Hong Kong Please look at MOURI's Pearl in your hands
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Visit our shops in Hong Kong

Our retail shops in Hong Kong

MOURI SOGO Causeway Bay

555 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

MOURI SOGO Tsim Sha Tsui

20 Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

MOURI Sheung Wan Wing On

211 Des Voeux Road WingOn Centre SheungWan