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This website is produced and operated by DOSHISHA (FAR EAST) LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as "our company"). Before reading this web site, please read through the following terms of use ("Terms of Service" below) and use it only when you agree.
In case you do not agree, please do not use this website.


1. Handling of personal information
2. Disclaimer
3. Copyright and trademark
4. About link
5. Recommended environment for this website
6. About change of this agreement
7. Governing Law, Jurisdiction

1. About the handling of personal information

We promise to properly handle customer's personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
Link https://mouri.hk/privacy-policy同志社香港プライバシーポリシー

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2. Disclaimer

1. We are committed to the contents of the products posted on this website, but we do not guarantee the accuracy, usefulness, certainty, safety etc. of the contents.
2. We will not be held liable for any damages directly or indirectly by using this web site.
3. This web site shall not be obliged to correct even if there is incompleteness in the description etc.
4. In the event of a dispute arising in the sale of the products posted on this web site, we reserve the right to make final sales decisions.
Five. We may suspend or cancel the WWEB site without prior notice.
6. We do not guarantee the operation on each computer environment at all when using this web site.

3. Copyright and trademark

The Company's proprietary trademarks, logo marks, copyrighted materials (documents, photographs, images, drawings, illustrations, etc.) that are posted on this website are owned by the Company and owned by the Company or by the Company authorized for use by the Company It is what I am doing.
Unless explicitly permitted by law, such as use for private purposes, copying, distribution, alteration, etc. of copyrighted material without our consent is prohibited by copyright law.
Similarly, other companies have rights in trademarks unique to other companies. It is forbidden to use it without the permission of these right holders.

4. About the links

1) When using this web site as a link destination, permission from our company is necessary.
However, in the following cases, we will refuse the link.
· Links from sites containing contents that slander or slander our company or its products
· Posting illegal content, engaging in illegal activities, or linking from sites that may have potential

2) When using the website of our company affiliated company linked from this website, the terms of use of the relevant link will be applied.
Being linked does not mean that the link destination and our company have relationships with related companies, business partners, etc.

Link setting procedure
If you agree to the "Conditions of link" in the previous section, you can enter the information of the contact address and the link source from the inquiry form, and you will not need permission from us.
For text link
When using icon images
The following icon image is prepared. Please set the link according to "usage conditions".

Width 100 px by height 38 px

MOURI Logo_100px-01.png

terms of use

This icon image holds ownership rights and copyright rights.
Do not modify it by displaying it in combination with other elements.
Please use this icon image only for the link to the top page of this web site.

Link to non-top page

Please apply separately by "application form on link".
Response may take days.
In some cases we may refuse the link.

5. Recommended environment of this web site

To view this website, we recommend the latest version of (Mozilla Firefox · Google Chrome · Safari · Adobe Acrobat etc.).

6. About change of this agreement

We may change, add or delete these Terms for our convenience. Always check the latest content. If you use this website after changing this agreement, we will assume that you accepted the change.

7. Governing law, jurisdiction

Interpretation and application of this web site's Terms and Conditions shall be in compliance with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Even if any part of this Agreement is considered to be in violation of the law, invalid, or for any reason not effective, it will not have any effect on the validity of the other part of this Agreement.