Japan Red AKA coral

What is Aka Coral?

The dark red variety is specially known as ox-blood globally and  “Aka”  in Japan meaning red. Harvested in the western Pacific and off the coast of Tosa in Kochi, Japan. This is the most valued and expensive coral of all.

Aka Coral in Hong Kong

As Coral is one of the Endangered Species, Hong Kong Government request any parties (who import Coral) to provide the Certificate Of Origin. MOURI is the only retail shop which can provide the Certificate Of Origin to its Aka Red Coral jewelries products.
Best Aka Red Corals from Tosa Bay, Japan. You can only buy from MOURI in Hong Kong.

Viriety of Aka

Red Corel can be categorized to Aka, Momo, Sardinia, and Angel Skin. Aka is the most precious and existence, the best coral. The general diameter of 10-20mm up to 30-40mm diameter is very rare.